CEU Theses Supervised:

As First Reader:

Katona, Noémi (2012) Pimps or boyfriends?: The negotiation of intimacy and economic transfer by Hungarian sex workers in the Kurfuerstenstrasse.

Kharchenko, Ievgeniia (2014) Adapting to adverse conditions: LGBT coming out strategies in Ukraine

Szücs, Luca (2014) The transformation of a Hungarian social movement into a political organization: The case of Milla.

Bhandaram, Vishnupriya (2015) Taming of the shrew : rhetoric of masculinity and machismo in the Telugu film industry.

Nemet, Erzsebet (2015) Western flag, Eastern wind: the Hungarian immigrant investor program conflicting migration policies in contemporary Hungary.


As Second Reader:

Tsoneva, Jana (2012) Engineering and accumulation of souls in the offshore world: the case of Malta

Romina, Marianna (2012) Ethnic arts as development trajectory in Ukraine’s hinterlands: Expectations and experiences of women artists

Gheorghiu, Julia (2012) It goes without saying because it comes without saying: Pierre Bourdieu’s notion of habitus

Darmina, Maria (2014) Hungarian historical narrative and its reproduction in contemporary Hungarian cinema in "The Notebook and "The Exam."

Hrckova, Jana (2015) Nothing but past : historicity and identity in a Central Slovakian village.

Lacbawan, Macario (2015) Re-assembling food and meaning: dirty, unhealthy and dangerous dog-eating in the Philippines.

Olah, Csaba (2015) We Evitct You for Your Own Good: Political Discourse on Roma in Contemporary Hungary.

Petricusic, Antonija (2015) Religiopolitics through law: use of legal norms and institutions by the Croatian conservative social movement.